♫ Your love is my drug ♫

in the perfect world, OUR perfect world, we would be perfect. but alas, this is the REAL world, the one where we have those small ‘fun’ querks and habits, the world where we have to ask someone if ‘these jeans make my ass look fat’. And I bet anyone reading this, has once on their life thought about what their perfect world would be like. if only that person liked them back. Or what you would look like if you had no freckles.
So I have made a list of attributes that I like about other people, and that I would have in my perfect world (or atleast what I would take from them). enjoy. ^_^

Rana: the ability of quick whit and artistic skills
Ruby: flawless skin (no freckles and olive skintone)
Renee: artistic skills and ability to suit any hair colour
Courtney:nice white blonde hair
Chris:maybe just a few more cm in height
Alex and David: ability to do whatever whenever and not care what people think.

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Not Again!

Once again my internet is not loading Facebook, Youtube and bebo.
It really annoys me when I get home from school and they don’t work.
I feel sorry for my dog Chanel. Shes eating some frozen  peas and hobling because she has a sore right paw.. shes limping. ):

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Well, Ok then… (:

My sister has just informed me that ‘anyone who is anyone’ is using tumblr. Little does she know that I signed up months ago when it was just tumblr. Now its tumblr. Well, boy am I confused. Ohwell. (: I don’t care. I just ate a yummy cookie and watched some Nerimon and Charlieissocoollike on youtube. And some italktosnakes. (: Charlie is hot. I will probably care later.
Now my sister is lying on the ground, with my doggie attacking her hand. She thinks its a game. (Im talking about the dog)
Now I am watching the Oshikuru song inGreman from ‘two and a half men’.

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Beach Shoot

These are some pictures my sister took of me : )
They are at the beach… these are all edits.

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Ive got the whole world in my hands.

This is my first blog entry. (duh?!)
I thought I would start blogging to consume some time. (:
Although my blog will never be as good as my sisters blog. (its italics and bold because her blog is so good). Here is the URl so you can see for yourself. http://picturejasper.wordpress.com
Please comment! (: 
Oh, I thought I might add that she uploads her photography and some poetry on there. I hope you enjoy it as much as a classic New Zealand sunset.

When I go on my big OE, I am going to England. This is my list of places in England to go.

St Ives

These specific places because they are where people I know are from (: Cool eh?

If it works, here are some cute pictures of my dog, Chanel. She is now 8 months. (: We called her Chanel Dior beacuse she is so poofy… and she suits it so much. (:

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